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Family, Fools and Friends, Seed Stage, Angels and VCs - Where the Money Comes From

Family, Fools and Friends, Seed Stage, Angels and VCs - Where the Money Comes From

Family, Fools and Friends, Seed Stage, Angels and VCs - Where the Money Comes From

"Many entrepreneurs start out at the concept stage by bootstrapping their startup themselves, or by turning to friends and family for financing. Once a startup grows beyond these initial resources, however, the entrepreneur ( faces the challenge of crossing ) the capital chasm to take the venture to the next level. "

We should all understand, nothing happens in a business - any business- until money finds its way to the table. It may take many elements to start a business- inspiration, creativity, innovation, shrewdness, the ability to spot a market while it is still a distant speck on the horizon - but one of the most important is money.

Without money, there is no computer to write on, no brochures to mail, business cards to hand out, or phones to solicit business. Money is the beginning and end or all business and the nourishment it feeds on, no matter how revolutionary, life enhancing, trend setting, or society transforming your business may be.

So, a good place to begin, when you are thinking of creating a business, or in any of the early stages of a business…which can be many years into it….. is where the money will come from.

Types of Investors

Different types of investors represent different sizes of investments which may correspond roughly with the stage of growth the company is in, and what phase of growth they need to finance.

Friends, Fools and Family: Pre-seed Money

Most businesses are started when someone decides to invest most or all of her savings, then either moon light, or borrow from a supportive spouse, friends or parents to keep growing the business until it is self sustaining. They believe in you and your vision and are willing to put their hard- earned cash behind you. Also, they have a personal relationship with you, and, through long experience, have formed the judgement that you can probably pull this off.

If, in fact, for whatever reason, you are not able to pull it off, they will probably love you anyway, and figure they had the pleasure of being in on the ground floor of something which could have been very big ,if the cards had fallen the right way. They still think you're great and very courageous to have tried it.

A pretty standard investment from a friend might be $10,000, just enough to get you started with postage stamps, copying equipment, and a few other basics. This is called pre- seed money.

The next step up the food chain is to angel investors.

Angels: Seed Money

Business angels are successful entrepreneurs, professionals or people with inherited wealth. They have a little extra money to put at risk, for a variety of reasons, which may include mentoring others, the thrill of the ride, or the desire to make money.

You must have a prototype of the business up and running to approach angel investors, who generally invest $50,000 to $500,000, with the average falling at around $250,000. Angels usually invest in groups of 2 to 5.

Angels invest in 50 times the number of deals venture capitalists invest in, which is a pretty good clue as where to look for money, at least in the initial stages of a business. Another differentiating factor is, angel money is very patient money, and they are willing to wait 3 to 7 years for a return on their investment. This is seed money.

There are probably active venture capital groups in your city. Ask your banker, lawyer or accountant to help you identify them, and, if possible, introduce you.

Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists have only one goal, which is to make as much money as they can for their investors. They thrive on high risk, high return investments and have the capability of investing several million to 10s of millions of dollars and can accelerate your growth dramatically. ( In fact, they will insist on accelerating your growth, so be ready for it.)

Venture capitalist money comes from pension funds, wealthy individuals and institutional investors, all of whom expect to make money. Venture capitalists are usually looking for a significant market position in a particular space as well as a very high return on their investment. Remember, they are answering to investors, themselves.

Venture capitalists, or VCs are looking for a business which, in 3 to 5 years, will have $30 million in sales. They are targeting a large market size, and looking for a strong management team, a unique business model and a global business opportunity.

If you are not comfortable with any of these factors, or are looking for someone to be warm and fuzzy all the time, don't look for VCs. As mentioned, their only interest is in profit. If you're not making it, as expected, and on the time-table you've discussed, you are not just in the dog house, you are out of there, cut loose and left to your own devices. This is how a lot of dot coms who were told to burn through a lot of cash to gain market share fast, were suddenly left high and dry and cash-less. The VCs saw the market turn and decided to pull back, support their most promising, prize puppies and cut the rest adrift. As a result, many companies who could have been started and kept aloft with $1 million, but were given $10 million instead, with instructions to spend it all to reach a certain milestone, found, they had ramped up to a position of huge overhead which their cash flow couldn't support, and, without further venture capital cash infusions, they were dead men or women walking. And soon, they were just dead men, or women.

So, the bottom line is, seeking money from a venture capitalist is a high risk, high reward proposition for you. Be sure it's really what you want, and that you're ready for the consequences it can bring.

"Capital Chasm" Companies

A relatively new phenomenon are the companies which have been formed in the past few years to address the problem of the "capital chasm".

As one such company,, put it:" Many entrepreneurs start out at the concept stage by bootstrapping their startup themselves, or by turning to friends and family for financing. Once a startup grows beyond these initial resources, however, the entrepreneur often is unable to cross the capital chasm to take the venture to the next level.

Most startups make the mistake of thinking that all they need is an introduction to a venture capitalist and money will be thrown their way."

This, as goes on to point out, is far from the truth. Venture capital firms have mushroomed, and they have also grown in size and tend to invest in later stage deals. They can barely sift through all the business plans which cross their desk.

Companies like act as intermediaries, taking on the task of grooming the company. It helps "to build its core team, validate the market, develop the value proposition and business model, forge alliances and service partner relationships, and refine the investor presentation. Once readied, the startup is introduced to a widening circle of investors targeting appropriate industry, stage, valuation, and investment level. " At the same time , the intermediary is assisting VCs in their screening process. Ultimately, an intermediary company, "brings together pre-screened and qualified entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and service providers to facilitate funding and growth."

These companies make their money when a deal is consummated between a company and an investor. Although this will cost a company some stock, it could be money well spent, in that valuable time may well be saved in securing investment capital.

Other Investors

Corporate Investors

Corporate investors invest for strategic reasons. They may wish to reduce time to market, or eliminate industry competition. If your company offers a product or service which dovetails nicely with a large coporation, a merger or acquisition could be a very profitable way to take your company to the next level and also get a lot of sophisticated, high level support in running your business

Institutional Investors

Institutional investors may approach you before an IPO, or initial public offering. Their goal is to enhance their financial returns. They will only talk to you one or two times a year, and don't bring any added value, other than their investment to your company.

Only You Can Decide Where Your Money Should Come From

We know your family and friends believe in you, and there's a pretty good chance some angel investors will also.

A growing number of women are getting VC financing today and more VC firms have women on their boards.

The most important part of the funding process, initially, is to decide what's right for you. Do you want to bootstrap and be independent? If so, you may be happier doing that, and winding up with a larger piece of a smaller pie. But be aware that no in investor will put money into just you. They are too afraid you will be hit by the proverbial bus or struck by lightening. If, on the other hand, you are willing to work hard on your business plan, develop a team, and be mentored by the advisors you will take on with VC financing, then that is a way which may lead to fame and fortune, which is a pretty good head start toward happiness.


At 5:32 PM, Blogger MyShieldCorp said...

Dear ALS Executive Staff
My mother and two of her siblings have died of ALS, because of this, I changed my new corporation goals: We will put millions, then hundreds of millions, then billions into the Medical R&D to help them find the answers to the keys to the diseases that are killing us. We will always put ALS on top……….
But I can’t afford my next step without some help!
Please send this email to anyone you know: Investors/funders….the world is waiting for our corporation to start
Sincerely, Ted

To all Investors/Funders: Sources
Between now and July 4th, 2008
I am raising the Thank you to this
If an investor comes thru: Agrees to $30K for one month
I will pay the investor back in full in 1 month with a $1K Thank you and you: the source

After July 4th, 2008
My request is being raised to $50K for one month with a $2K thank you to the investor only

I have sent a handful, from thousands of files/documents available
Please send them to any investor you feel would be interested in helping and securing a free $1K thank you, or after July 4th: $2K

****Not registered with the SEC yet, nor Washington State Securities
We are going to incorporate in Nevada the moment we receive the $1Billion from the Super Investors
We have 20 million stocks standing by for us to go public

Going to send one of the four faxes/emails/mail I’ve received this last week:
The world’s global super investors are inviting our corporation to major investor events: as a sponsor/speaker: At Bahrain/Berlin/Paris/London/China/Japan
The Illuminati know who I am…and they like my inventions and projects!

The world is waiting for My Shield Corporation!
I’m so close to starting our corporation
Just started the move from Washington to Nevada
Have all my Executives/Boards and most Directors
The whole USA Government/Military/FEMA/Homeland Security/US Army Corp of Engineers/OEA: Closed Military base control
Thousands are applying for jobs

Three company/corps. are merging with my corp.

The Super Investor groups are waiting, but several things have slowed me down.
Three laptops since December have crashed…….
Now since I was asked to change my main business plan to groupings, creating 13 business plans…..we are ready, except for one small item……..
I don’t have the finances to get to the meeting with the Investors
One of my Directors came by last night and asked: If they are going to supply us with $1 Billion, then why do you have to come up with the funding to meet with them?

$30K for 1 month, paid back in full with a $2K thank you
This is NOT for Stocks or Securities; we have 20 million stocks standing by when we go public
I have $100K Sound/Lights/Effects we are going to use for all our Conventions/Seminars/Events:
We are not registered with SEC or Washington State Securities yet
We are going to incorporate in Nevada and are waiting for the $1 Billions my Super Investors are going to provide for our Seed/Startup
The agreement states: I must have the income for myself and my executives to attend the investor meeting: This would pay for the meeting/transportation for my executives for our meeting.

I’m networking and the only response has been from my state Securities Division who stated: you can’t go public asking for funding…….

The world is waiting:

Here is my response to my State Governor, also sent the same to the General Counsel SEC:
Starting a new corporation worth billions: My Shield Corp.

New: Starting these projects/inventions after we start: New Power Sources: 4/Dam Water Leakage Stoppage and Warning Systems for the 100,000 concerned dams in the USA/Farm Animal & Boat Disaster projects. These are part of my latest 14 inventions/projects
THREE CORPORATIONS ARE MERGING WITH MINE……Many more after we get started
Please visit my domain; it is setup to hire hundreds...Leasing 28 of the 95 closed military bases bringing them back to life. FEMA is going to use them during disaster where everyone will be sent to and can live there until their home is safe to return too.
The owners of Wal-Mart have agreed to let my corporation use all of their shut down/closed commercial building for one of my projects: supply living conditions for new 'Friendship/unemployed rooms for men/women/families and for persons that are losing their homes because our nation is being destroyed: No price controls on anything! I knew years ago and have been pounding on the Federal Senators to stop all price increases, everyone is concerned about oil, and it’s the costs of homes which is destroying our nation! We are going to lease/purchase shut down plants: steel/aluminum/titanium/cement and rehire the thousands that lost their jobs because of outsourcing! We have several new power sources we will use for our plants and bases saving my corporation millions each month!

Have three companies joining mine between their inventions and mine; we will break the billion dollar mark in 6-8 months and a trillion within 3-4 years!
My Shield Corp Sent to my Executives
God and his Angles may take Sundays off, but I’m attempting to start a ‘C’ For Profit corporation which is not worth Millions nor Billions but Trillions in the near future, I am getting tired of working 20/7 thou and burning up laptops. My Gateway is back, now all the works over the last 2 months have to be changed from Windows 2000 back to Vista.

The following are our Corporation Plans:
Attend Conventions/Trade Shows/Seminars for:
 Amber Alert Systems*Products
 Animal Protection
 Anti Pirate Terminator Ships: Working with US Navy
 Boat Projects
 Commercial Complexes
 Defense Systems
 Flooding: Rivers relocate water to Hot zones
 Governors
 Homeland Security
 Human Resources HR
 Manufacturing
 Mayors
 Medical Several new extremely important
 Military
 Mining Products/Projects
 Power New Sources
 Residential Homes/Rooms
 Safety Systems*Products
 Security Systems*Products
 Vehicle Engines*Systems*Products

We will create all the above events if required anywhere on this planet/minus Terrorist supporting countries
We are going to create/also attend the following:
 CSI Conventions for all Police/Detectives/Forensics
 Congress/Senate: Committees/Sub-Committees: for changing
 Dredging of all streams/rivers
 Stop Gill Netting on Rivers during fish spawning runs
 All 50 states SAME (SEC) Securities Laws
 Allow entrepreneurs to run Ads on newspapers in the Investor Sections for Funding help
 All 50 States will have the same Amber Alert Hardware/Software
 All 50 States will have the same software for ‘Bad Guys’ Investigations
 All 50 States will have interface with each other/FBI for Serial Killers/Amber Alert situations and FEMA/Homeland Security situations

If a Governor/Mayor/Congressman/Senator responds NO:
We will simply remind them they have their present job, they were voted in and they can be easily voted out….We will let their city/State know they don’t care about their citizens.

We will also work with the Department of: Governments/World Countries and discuss with them:
 The worlds 3rd World countries: Supply them with the capabilities to make their own products for their own countries and return our USA Jobs back that were outsourced. This won’t happen unless something is done to STOP all costing increases for everything! There has to be control, no-one gives a damn our Nation is being destroyed because of this.
 Terrorist’s countries: if they want our systems/products/projects/help, then they must stop terrorist supporting.

We have four new Power Sources: Not using coal/oil/gas/diesel/sun
These new sources will supply our bases and plants with the power required for them, and save our corporation millions each month in costs.

Our PR and General Counsel groups are going to be busy….these departments will require strong personnel, prepared to take on any situation/disaster/event.

 The World is waiting for us
 The Worlds Super Investors are waiting for us
 The persons that are going to be harmed/hurt/killed by:
 Bad Guys
 Disasters’: Flood/Fires/Earthquakes/Hurricanes/Tornadoes
 New: just finished #14, 14 more inventions/projects which have NOT been added to my business plans
 Dam’s: Product to help stop leaking for the 100,000 concerned Dam’s and a new emergency warning system
 New Products for: Animal and Boat protection during Disasters
 Four new Power sources: NOT Oil/Gas
 Are all waiting for us…….
 And all we require is a person with a vision to support our Pre-Seed funding: $20K
No wonder Entrepreneurs give up or are forced to beg……for funding help!
We have been contacted to attend: be a sponsor/speaker at the Worlds Funding/Super Investors Conventions in Bahrain/Paris/London!
Sincerely, Anderson TR CEO My Shield Corp
O: 360-336-3057 PST USA * E:

Sincerely, Anderson TR
O: 360-336-3057 PST USA
W: Click on ‘For Marines Only’ if you want to see my defense systems we are going to manufacture wither the DoD agrees or NOT!
Enjoy, Ted

My Shield Corp
Anderson TR CEO
O: 360-336-3057 PST USA

My Shield Corporation
Anderson TR CEO*Chairman
Executive Offices: Seattle
28 Military Bases
O: 360-336-3057 PST USA
REQUIRE: Pre-Seed Investor: $50K for one month, full pay back in one month w/$2K thank you and $1K to the persons that supplies the investor! The World is waiting and so are my executives*NOT registered with the SEC or State Securities until we start: We are ready! We have 20 millions stocks standing by!

At 5:33 PM, Blogger MyShieldCorp said...

BUSINESS PLAN GROUP - 12: Friendship Complexes/No Income/Low Income

MYSHIELD CORP: We will design, engineer, manufacture, stock, sell, market, and install the following groupings of products/systems WORLDWIDE:

MYSHIELD CORP * Business Plan Groupings

BPG-1: Home Products & Systems: Six (6) Inventions
MYSHIELD CORP: Home Products & Systems
Business Plan Group-1 (BPG-1)
BPG-2: Security Products & Systems: Nine (9) Inventions
MYSHIELD CORP: Security Products & Systems
Business Plan Group-2 (BPG-2)
BPG-3: Safety Products & Systems: Two (2) Inventions
MYSHIELD CORP: Safety Products & Systems
Business Plan Group-3 (BPG-3)
BPG-4: Amber Alert Products & Systems: Six (6) Inventions
MYSHIELD CORP: Amber Alert Products & Systems
Business Plan Group-4 (BPG-4)
BPG-5: Defense Systems: Fifteen (15) Inventions
MYSHIELD CORP: Defense Products & Systems
Business Plan Group-5 (BPG-5)
BPG-6: Safe Homes, Products & Systems: Seventeen (17) Inventions
MYSHIELD CORP: Safe Homes, Products & Systems
Business Plan Group-6 (BPG-6)
BPG-7: Flood Products & Systems: Nine (9) Inventions
MYSHIELD CORP: Flood Homes, Products & Systems
Business Plan Group-7 (BPG-7)
BPG-8: Safe Rooms, Products & Systems: Five (5) Inventions
MYSHIELD CORP: Safe Rooms, Products & Systems
Business Plan Group-8 (BPG-8)
BPG-9: EMS 911 Control Stations, Products & Systems: Four (4) Inventions
MYSHIELD CORP: EMS 911 Control Stations, Products & Systems
Business Plan Group-9 (BPG-9)
BPG-10: Vehicle Safety, Products & Systems: Fourteen (14) Inventions
MYSHIELD CORP: Vehicle Safety Products & Systems
Business Plan Group-10 (BPG-10)
BPG-11: Mining Products & Systems: Five (5) Inventions
MYSHIELD CORP: Mining Products & Systems
Business Plan Group-11 (BPG-11)
BPG-12: Friendship complexes: One (1) Invention/Project
MYSHIELD CORP: Friendship Complexes/No Income/Low Income
Business Plan Group-12 (BPG-12)
Anderson TR CEO
O: 360-336-3057 PST USA
BPG-13: Low Income Housing: One (1) Invention/Project
MYSHIELD CORP: Low Income Homes, Products & Systems
Business Plan Group-13 (BPG-13) Event Coordinator since July 4th 1974, the day I returned from the Viet Nam War. Will use my $100 K systems: sound/lights/effects for all our conventions, trade shows, and seminars that we create over time! My first domain, started after wasting seven years pounding on the DoD to contract my defense systems, they refuse to, and so we will. Present corporation domain, which will be completely, changed once my 'C' Corp. for Profit Corporation is established in Nevada.

To hire special*exciting*powerful*well educated*caring personnel for my new Corporation, their background*experiences*professional training will certainly help support our corporation.
My original request came from my Palo Alto Business Plan= stating it would take $27 Million, the group that might support my corporation stated it would be better to have $55 Million to get started, because of what is taking place today, I've decided we should own our plants for: Aluminum, Cement, Steels and Titanium. This will support my corporation and help keep the costing down and help our corporation save millions each month. We have NO choice since everything is costing so much today and NO ONE is doing anything to slow it down, before long, 90% of humans will not be able to purchase anything; because of this I am requesting to raise the last offer to $1 Billion for Seed/Startup and Unlimited for 1st & 2nd
1. Incorporating in Nevada
2. Leasing & Opening our central Facilities in South Seattle
3. Systematic-Paced Leasing of Closed Military Bases: Warehouse/Manufacturing
4. Purchasing Closed/Shut down Plants for our source (materials)
Corporation based in Seattle and will be incorporated in Nevada
Lost my source for Seed and Board of Directors, (David Carpenter) he was going to supply Seed: $300K and all the main Board of Directors, he died Jan. 3rd, our meeting was Jan. 13th, finding it harder to secure Board of Directors then Angel Investors!

Have the following:
• Washington State Master Business Plan
• Washington State 'C' Corporation For Profit License UBI Number
• Washington State L&I UBI and Account ID
• Federal EIN

My Shield Corporation
Based in Seattle - Executive Offices
• The DOD's Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) is fully behind us, we will Lease/Purchase Twenty-Eight Closed Military bases, bring them back to life, and use them for:
• Warehousing for millions worth equipments (My Shield Corporation Products)
• Corp Employees, we will pay for their move
• They can live here
• Installer groups/vehicles
• Manufacturing of new products/systems
• FEMA will be able to use our bases for persons involved with DISASTERS!
• The local communities can re-open their closes stores
• This will bring life back to the area, after the base was closed
• The local Reserves/National Guard may use this base for training and supplying security for the base and during FEMA Support of Disasters
• We will require 28 bases around the world to support all Disasters and much more: Help save lives!
• We will hire thousands: Veterans and unemployed around these bases
This is a Win-Win situation
My Shield Corporation
• New Safe Homes/Commercial/Rooms
• Products to save original homes (1 level only) from natural disasters
• New Homes/Commercial that can handle up to Category V Natural Disasters
• New Safe rooms for all disaster capabilities:
• Fire, Flooding, Under a Hill, Avalanches, Landslides, Mudslides
• Contract protection, Tornado protection, Hurricanes, Typhoons, Cyclones & Fires, Earthquake, and Accidents: Hazardous, Nuclear, and Hazmat
• Terrorist Actions, WMD Protection
• Where do you live or work? Is there a hill behind you?
• Is there a Dam up the valley? Are there any Forests around you?
• Close to oceans or Hazardous locations?
• Are you concerned about your life or your families?
• Are you important? Are in/were an Intelligence agency?
• Are you/were a politician?
• Are you a CEO, Board member, President of a Corporation/Company?
My homes, complex, rooms, products: can SAVE YOUR LIFE and YOUR FAMILY from all the above. With two exceptions: Volcanoes and a Nuclear War (Exception: Safe Room)
All my products, systems mentioned above could be in manufacturing and ready within several months, my products will protect and save lives and property
• Defense Systems to terminate terrorists and help stop terrorism! (15)
• Six new Patentable products: Vehicles: Stop the 'Bad Guys'
• Several new Patentable products: Post Office/Police/Military: Monitors/Sensors/GPS/Digital signal
• New Mine Products worth Billions! Help Stop Mining Disasters
• For the World: Cities/Towns: Lease Commercial/Industrial Closed/Shut down complexes, rebuild them with our Safe Rooms - modified to be Studio rooms.
This is being added to my Corp Charter: For every product/system we sell, we will plant 1,000 trees. We will work with Federal/State Senators and Congresspersons to ensure all Timber corporations/companies start replacing every single tree they cut and have cut down in the past!

Install hundreds inside the complex for: Friendship/Low-No income/Women-Children requiring help. Safe Complex: Wal-Mart has agreed to let us use all of their locked down/closes facilities, all 352! New Low Income homes, we will dredge rivers and use the materials to build bricks, persons requiring a home they can afford, can help build the bricks and build their own home: Cost $17,000.00
E: * O: 360-336-3057 PST USA * W:
These complexes/homes will be sold and constructed around the World. These complexes can built most anywhere on this planet, except in terrorist supporting countries. Not sure about all the world condition, just 98% of the countries, the USA is being destroyed and some countries are starting to follow, the rest known as 3rd World countries can't afford much, unless they have a material to sell (Oil) Our complexes will be for all levels of income, each complex will be built separately in different location.
Types of Complexes:
• Unemployed: Studio Safe Room*Safe place to live, must work with town*city*county job providers every work day to stay in this complex
• Low income: Studio Safe Room*Must have a blue collar, part-time job and able to make weekly payments to stay in this complex
• Mid Level Income: Condos*monthly payments, services available
• Upper Level Income: Condos*monthly payments, special services available
• The USA Costing has NO Control, homes worth $45K-$75K are being sold for $220K-$430K; All Brokers, and Real Estate Agents along with the Federal Senators, Congressman, and President should be charged with Criminal Fraud!

********* May 2008: Wal-Mart Owners have given me a green light * Mr. Anderson may use all of our 356 closed complexes for his projects. ‘He is the first to approach us, requesting to use our shut down facilities to support communities’ non-wanted humans that require a place to survive’*********
BPG: 12 (Friendship) Project/Invention Number MSCORP 85: Unemployed/Friendship Complex
Complex for Unemployed (CFU) Safe Rooms, must work with town*city*county job providers every work day to stay in this complex*No Drugs/Alcohol, testing by security will take place with anyone entering

BPG: 12 (Low Income) Project/Invention Number MSCORP 85.1 Low Income Complex
Complex for Low-Level Income (CLLI) Must have a blue collar, part-time job and able to make weekly payments to stay in this complex

BPG: 12 (Mid Level Income) Project/Invention Number MSCORP 85.2: Mid Level Income Complex; Complex for Mid-Level (CML) Condo's monthly payments, services available

BPG: 12 (Upper-Level Income) Projects/Invention Number MSCORP 85.3 Upper Level Income Complex; Complex for Upper-Level (CUL) Condo's monthly payments, more service’s available

BPG: 12 (Low Income) Project/Invention Number MSCORP 86: Unemployed/Low-No Income Homes; Homes for Unemployed (HFU)

• We can sell, build, and construct these complexes/homes anywhere on this planet, as long as we can get our teams/equipment/materials to the location.
• Exceptions': None of these complexes/homes will be sold-constructed in any of the following locations:
1. Next to a silent Volcano
2. Below any Damn
3. Next to any large water source: Ocean/Gulf: Unless our Flood Wall/Bow project is installed also
4. At any terrorist country, unless the country agrees to stop being the 'Source' and 'Support' to/for any terrorist person/group/country
CEO/President: Anderson TR
Entrepreneur, Designer, Engineer, Program Director/Manager/Supervisor
30 years: National Defense/US Marine Corp/GS12 DoD Contractor resolving hundreds of critical situations on: C4ISR/Tempest/Telco systems. I am renown throughout the Department of Defense including: Joint Chief of Staff/Dr. Sega/DARPA, the Secretaries of Defense and the Directors of: CIA/FBI/OSI and 90% of the executive members: Generals and staff throughout the Military.

Would like to start my corporation May, 2008
We will lease 28 Closed Military Bases and bring them back to life; 1-4 bases per month
All 98 closed bases contactees have been contacted, they are all waiting
OEA source for all closed Military Bases and they are extremely excited!
We are going to purchase and startup shut down Plants: Steel/Aluminum/Titanium/Cement and rehire the thousands that lost their jobs because the owners outsourced, we will transport these materials to our manufacturing complexes and for our installer groups via Railway Trains, the semi’s are destroying our freeways because of the weight and because there is NO control in the USA they can’t afford the fuel. This will save our corporation MILLIONS each MONTH!
• These products/systems will sell around the world, they are worth: Millions/Billions/Trillions
• We will sell our products at numerous stores around the world
• The Corporation will break $1 Million within 1-2 months
• The Corporation will break $1 Billion within 12-13 months
• The Corporation will break $1 Trillion within 3-4 years
• Investors can be repaid within 2-3 years
• Investors will be supporting my corporation because it will be saving lives
• My Entrepreneur department will be working extremely hard. We will support designers, entrepreneurs that have inventions
• We will become an Investor and support persons with good products/devices/systems that will help humans lives better
• The twenty-eight (28) closed military bases we will open is also extremely important
Require the following Investing breakdown required to help support a new corporation which is worth Trillion
Seed/Startup: $1 Billion
1st & 2nd: $ unlimited
Presently holding at 95 Inventions as of May, 2008
Seed is for:
• Power CPU & CAD software
• Invention/Patent final process
• For new Inventions, additional too, beyond my present ninety-five (95)
• Incorporating in Nevada
• Preparing for: Engineering for the latest strongest, lightest materials known today: Titanium & Aluminum*Grand Opening in Las Vegas*Wind Tunnel Testing for several of my products/systems
This is one (1) of thirteen (13) Business Plans for my ninety-five (95) Inventions
• Washington State Master Business Plan
• Washington State 'C' Corporation For Profit License UBI Number
• Washington State L&I UBI and Account ID
• Federal EIN
Nevada is standing by: We will incorporate there SOON
Below is for the Basic Business Plan Groups:
1. Home Products
2. Security Products/Systems
3. Safety Products/Systems
4. Amber Alert Products/Systems
5. Defense Systems
6. Safe Homes Products/Types
7. Flood Products/Homes/Dike
8. Safe Rooms Six Types
9. Safe Complexes EMS 911 Control Stations
10. Vehicle Products
11. Mines Protection
12. Friendship Complex
13. Low Income Homes
MYSHIELD CORP: Will sell products/devices/systems to help humans survive. We will lease 28 Closed Military Bases and bring them BACK TO LIFE: Thanks to the Government agency: OEA I have contacted ALL 96 closed base contactees, everyone is waiting and extremely excited!
Starting a new multi Million/Billion/Trillion dollar corporation*I have 50+ Diplomas/Certificates*This corporation will explode, the world will find out soon*I have picked the Las Vegas Convention Center for our Grand Opening*We will be in the center, with four entry ways, all coming from the four corners directed to the center where MYSHIELD CORP will be. We will use my Fantasia Productions systems for special effects/sound/ lighting. The persons, which enter into our area; will think they are in a Disaster Zone, because they will be. The center location will have a 12' high Tornado, with wind, lighting and the full hurricane effects. We will also provide beauticians just in case someone's hair needs help after leaving our event location. Our PowerPoint presentations will be playing on three-four 20' x 20' rear projection screens facing the four entry ways, facing 30 degrees downward so the house lighting can't cause problems with the video. Our PR and Sale teams will be available to help/answer any questions about our products/devices/systems. We will have conference rooms and party rooms, where our sale teams can work with our customers: DoD/Homeland Security/ FEMA/US Army Corp of Engineers/Senators/ Congress/Governors/ Mayors/State-County-City Council members/Governments/EMS 911/Residential-Commercial persons/companies!

My Shield Corporation
Anderson TR CEO*Chairman
Executive Offices: Seattle
28 Military Bases
O: 360-336-3057 PST USA
REQUIRE: Pre-Seed Investor: $50K for one month, full pay back in one month w/$2K thank you and $1K to the persons that supplies the investor! The World is waiting and so are my executives*NOT registered with the SEC or State Securities until we start: We are ready! We have 20 millions stocks standing by!

At 5:41 PM, Blogger MyShieldCorp said...

Require a special person/group
Pre Seed Investor ONLY
Soon, starting too lose my inventions/projects
Standing on 119 as of today
Have three CEO's corporation merging with mine already and many more will soon.
Leasing 28 of the 95 closed military bases...FEMA knows they can send everyone in a Disaster zone to our bases where they can live and be safe......
Everyone and Everything is ready but one simple problem > No Pre Seed Funding
It can be returned in full in 1 month with a $2K thank you and a $1K thank you to the person that supplies an investor.....Please NETWORK...we are ready to start and the world is waiting....Sincerely, Ted

At 8:51 AM, Blogger jimmy said...

this is not always true because ongoing companies create business plans, project plans, new product plans, and plans for acquiring and integrating other ventures. General Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.”

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